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Symptoms & Diagnoses

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Halitosis, bad breath, stinky breath means a bad smell that can be realized easily by the people around. Halitosis which is really important socially and personally, may lead to a psychological condition called “halitophobia”. It is the 3rd most often dental Office visit reason.

Oral mucosa, tongue, gums and saliva has many comprise many bacteria. Halitosis is caused by the sulfur substances of the oral bacteria. Whereas the sulfur producing bacteria population is low on individuals with good oral hygine, the sulfur producing bacteria population is high on individuals with poor oral hygiene. Halitosis is not always caused by patological factors. Sometimes halitosis may ocur as a result of normal metabolic activities. Hence, halitosis can be subclassified as physiological and patological.

Treatment Alternatives

Since halitosis is known to be caused by oral bacteria, treatment should be based on giving the patient oral hygiene instructions. Mechanical cleaning of the tongue is important for treating halitosis and daily oral hygiene routines. Different tongue scrapers on the market can bu used other than brushes. The best time to use solutions and mouthwash is right before the bed.

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