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Conscious Sedation

Effective and Absolutely Secure

Nitroz Oxide will put a smile on your face when you reach into your dentist’s chair and begin to breathe. This method, which is extremely effective and reliable in relieving patients, helps millions of people to feel their fear and concern over their teeth during tooth care.

Shortly after you start breathing, your worries quickly go away and leave a pleasant, warm feeling. Patients describe this experience as a dream in a peaceful glide. In fearful, anxious children and adults, Nitrox Oxide is designed for a pleasant, comfortable and painless dental treatment.

What is Nitroz Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide is a gas used with pure oxygen to remove fear and anxiety about dental treatments. As long as it is inhaled, it has a natural calming effect throughout the treatment. This gas, also known as laughing gas, is widely used in many medical fields, especially in dentistry because of this effect.

Is Nitroz Oxide Safe?

OVERALL, Nitroz Oxide is the most reliable sedative used today. Mortar has no toxic effect and, after use, leaves the body in a very short time without any effect on natural ways. High blood pressure, angina and even people with a history of heart attacks can use it.

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe For Children?

ABSOLUTELY, We have many experiences showing that you will calm every child, but every child has the necessary level of care. This level can easily be determined by the dentist. Conscious sedation (Nitrous Oxide Sedation) is the safest and most effective sedation method to calm your child’s fear, provide him with a good treatment and give him a positive experience.

What are the advantages of conscious sedation?

Your Consciousness Throughout Treatment is Totally Open.

  • Unlike general anesthesia, the consciousness of patients using Nitrous Oxide becomes completely clear. Patients can talk, your questions can be answered easily. This effect is the most reliable factor in conscious sedation.

Fast Impact and Short Recycling Time

  • Within a few minutes of application, it quickly becomes effective and your stress becomes a relief. Nitroz Oxide flow is removed from your body again in only 3 to 5 minutes after cessation of treatment, and the effects disappear completely and even after a few minutes of rest, you can leave the clinic with your car and continue your daily activities.

Sedation Level Easily Adjustable.

  • The level of sedation required to deliver a comfortable treatment to the patient can easily be adjusted by our specialists.

Conscious Sedation Is Suitable for Me?

Share this possibility with us. Nitrous Oxide sedation can be the best solution for you. If you have any questions about the use of Nitrox Oxide, you can consult your dentist.

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