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What is Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry allows people to achieve a healthy and aesthetic mouth.
Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry performs the treatment of; tooth decay, eroding teeth, discoloration of teeth (whitening), sensitive teeth, spaced teeth, broken teeth, shape, texture and form disorder, mild malocclusion.
The patient benefits from white fillings, whitening methods, sensitivity removal methods, laser technology and zirconium applications for these treatments.


The main objective of bleaching is whitening the teeth and eliminating the unwanted colours. It is a widely used treatment and safe procedure. Whereas bleaching is done by the dentist at the dental Office, it can be done by the patient at home. Office bleaching gets the best and fastest results.

Office Bleaching

It is done by the dentist at the dental Office. During the procedure, your gum is covered by a protective agent , then the bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. Bleaching is stimulated by a special light source and the process begins.

Ofis Tipi Diş Beyazlatma (Office Bleaching)

Diş hekimi tarafından klinikte uygulanan bir işlemdir. işlem sırasında öncelikle dişetleriniz özel bir koruyucu madde ile korunur, ardından dişlerinize beyazlatma jeli
sürülür. Uygulanan özel bir ışın ile sürülen jelin aktive olması ve beyazlatma işlemini hızlandırması saglanır.

Home Bleaching

Firstly, a translusent cast is prepared which covers all of the teeth in patient’s mouth by a dental impression. Patient applies the whitening gel by this cast which is given by the dentist. Whitening gel must be applied regularly everyday for 5-8 hours.

Important Points While Bleaching:

  • Protecting the Gum: Whitening gel may irritate the gum. If the gel reaches the gum while home bleaching, the residue must be cleaned by a wet cotton roll.
  • Adjusting the Application Period:Patient must follow the dentist’s instructions. Otherwise the expected results may not be obtained.
  • Sensitivity to Cold or Hot:After bleaching “cold-hot sensitivity” may occur rarely. But it disappears after 1-3 days. Bleaching does not cause any harm on enamel layer.
  • Continuity: Bleaching is a permanent solution as long as continuity is obtained. But too much smoking, drinking coffee and tea may cause unwanted coloring. Usually the patient who had bleaching treatment is appointed every 6 months for recalls. Bleaching should be re-applied every 12 months in order to intensify and sustain the effects.

Smile Design

Dentistry and art are applied together in harmony to provide the best and ideal smile design. The teeth are arranged in harmony with each other and soft tissues surrounding them. Teeth are the basic elements of a beautiful smile, and thus having comprehensive information about the tooth shapes and anatomical features, is the basis of all treatment. More ideas about how a well designed smile should be to be able to have the inner and outer edges of the face, sex, age, smile symmetry (Golden Ratio), the order and color of the teeth, gums and lips are the factors that determine the aesthetic smile expression. Considering all these factors in determining the form of the teeth,it is possible to have a perfect smile.


Unlike conventional metal bridge, zirconium system infrastructure used instead of a white alloy of zirconium metal. It is the only material capable of offering a combination of aesthetic and durability. The biggest advantage of the system is its high durability and it provides full aesthetic appearance at anterior and posterior bridges. Zirconium porcelain veneers, aparts from other dental materials and with mechanical resistance and fracture resistance and biocompatibility. It does not cause allergies, gum diseases and is close to natural teeth with its opaque property which allows us to provide aesthetics and function. The patient’s smile is designed with many special techniques and by the help of computer analysis systems, thus restorations are prepared with zero error.

Where to Use Zirconium?

In single tooth crown restorations, 3-6 membered bridges and implant crowns.

What are the advantages of zirconium?

  • Ceramic zirconium oxide framework placed on tooth and it decreases the rate of adhesion to tooth surfaces by microorganisms and food residue. Thus providing a good oral hygiene.
  • Zirconium oxide does not transmit heat, hot and cold food sensitivity does not occur.
  • Zirconium infrastructure is computer assisted using CAD CAM system to adapt to the teeth untouched and therefore fit to be perfect.
  • Light reflection ability is perfect, so the aesthetic properties are much better than metal ceramics.
  • Zirconium infrastructure is gingiva friendly, does not cause gingival recession.
  • Even if gingival recession occurs due to periodontal disease, there will be not black coloring line which is frequently detected with metal ceramics.

Pink Cosmetic

The first step to create a harmonious and clean teeth and gums is to ensure compliance with a smile. The gum height that appears when you smile affects the appearance of our teeth. Asymmetric gingival margin,causes the impression that our teeth have irregular curves and our smile isn’t nice. Resolving this unfortunate situation is possible thanks to the gingival aesthetic applications.


In some cases an inflammatory, drug induced or hereditary gingival hyperplasia can be observed. Gingivectomy operation aims to remove those unwanted soft tissues and remove the deep pockets in those lesions. After this process, usually gum contours were corrected, physiological and aesthetic appearance of the gum is achieved.

Crown Lengthening

It is an operation used in cases where the gum tissue covers the tooth too much and where the teeth appear too short in the mouth. This situation is also called “Gummy smile” (toothless smile), and it affects your smile. With crown lengthening operations, re-shaped teeth appear longer than before. Also, if you have tooth decay or a fracture that reaches below the gum line, or to increase the retention of the prosthesis prior to the restorative process or the crown lengthening surgery can be applied to correct the gingival level.

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