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Symptoms & Diagnoses

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Removal of impacted wisdom tooth, cyst operations, removal of oral tumors, implant surgery, pherenectomy, vestibuloplasty, joint surgeries associated with the jaw bone are the main objectives of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Surgery

A tooth that should have already erupted but still can not be seen in the arch, is called impacted. Wisdom teeth are diagnosed radiographically as impacted very often. If he patient is 25 and the wisdom tooth has not erupted yet, it should be considered as impacted. Sometimes wisdom tooth erupts the half way but never reaches the adequate position. If your wisdom tooth has not erupted yet, you can go and visit your dentist and prevent the possible pain, swelling, enfection, decay and gum diseases which are caused by the wisdom tooth and get it extracted.

Apical Resection Surgery

What is Apical Resection?

  • The extraction of the cyst or enfection ,which is located at the apex of the root, with the 1/3 bottom part of the root.

When to Do Apical Resection?

  • This operation is applied in the presence of a refractory infection or a cyst at the apex of the root.
  • It is applied when there is a root fracture caused by trauma.
  • It is also applied when a root can not complete the physiological development in order to fill the apex of the root.
  • . If the morphological obstacles prevents the operator to do a root canal, apical resection should be the solution.

Cyst Operations

The patological entities at the apex of root or in a random position in the jaw bone are called cysts. Cysts can not be treated by just medications and the surgery is a must. Hence, they must be located and resected by the surgeons. If the cyst is not diagnosed and treated at the early stages, it causes serious damage and deformations on the jaw. It is really important to follow control appointments. This is how the surgeon can observe the healing process of the bone loss.

Oral Tumor Operations

Most of the oral tumors occur over the age of 45 and the prevalance ratio is 2 : 1 for men.

What Are The Causes of Oral Tumors?

The etiological factors are still unknown. Tobacco, alcohol, some carsinogen subtances in the daily dietary products and too much ultraviolet light are the contributing factors. Genetic is an important indicator for oral tumors.

Jaw Joint Treatments

What is Jaw Joint?

It is located right in front of the ear. It is the most important part for Mandibulae movements. Its most important duty is to link the lower joint which is mobile, to the skull. There is a cartilage between the skull and the lower jaw fort he opening and closing movement of the mouth. It is really important to keep the cartilage in place in order to open and close the mouth correctly.

Jaw Joint Diseases

They are often diagnosed as inability to open the mouth completely or “clicking sound” while opening and closing the mouth. There are many factors that cause this clinical status;

  • Serious traumas ( car accidents or serious blows to the jaw )
  • Traumas ( clenching, grinding, chewing gum for too long )
  • The morphological deformities of teeth or jaws ( open bite, deep bite, cross bite, prognation or retrognation of lower jaw )

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