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Symptoms & Diagnoses

What is Orthodontics?

It is a discipline of dentistry that deals with the correction of relations between upper and lower jaw, malpoisitions of the dental arch. Growth and development deficiencies, congenital anomalies, bad relations between the jaws with teeth, subsequent series of teeth disorders and other general dental-titles such as the correction of jaw anomalies constitute the subject of orthodontics.

Why is It Important?

If you have obscure and poorly positioned teeth,

  • Due to difficulties of daily care, you have a higher risk of periodontal diseases. This can lead to halitosis(bad breath), losing your teeth due to tooth decay and periodontitis.
  • Teeth those cause disorders put more pressure on your jaw muscles and temporomandibular joint as a result, back and shoulder pain occurs.
  • Teeth negatively affect your appearance and this may cause you to experience the aesthetic and psychological problems. Due to all these reasons mentioned above orthodontics and orthodontic treatment, offers you the opportunity to have a more impressive look with a healthy mouth and is very important in this regard.

What are The Keys Of Orthodontic Disorders?

How Can I Know For Sure That I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

  • Malpositions, dislocated or impacted teeth.
  • Severe protrusion or retrusion.
  • Cheek and lip biting .
  • Severe protrusive positioned teeth.
  • Disocclusion of the upper and lower jaws or an abnormal occlusion.
  • Asymmetric facial appearance.

First orthodontic examination must be done during the eruption of primary teeth around 6-7 years old. Next check will be done by your dentist. If there is a need for orthodontic treatment, your dentist may claim another re-consultation.
In addition, orthodontic treatment in adults can be done to support prosthesis or for aesthetical reasons.

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