“Routine controls are crucial for your teeth to maintain their health.”

Symptoms & Diagnoses

Pediatric dentistry aims to follow and protect the oral health of babies, childs and young adolescents between the ages of 0-14 which is a really important phase of an individuals life from birth to puberty.

According to the latest studies, prevalance of tooth decays in children has risen up to %90 at primary (between ages 2-6) and mixed(between ages 7-12) dentition period. Hence it is really important to apply the preventive methods in order to protect the oral health and general well-being of a child.

Primary teeth are the pioners of all dentition. They are really important because they play an important role as a guide to erupt for permanent dentition. This is why it’s wrong to think they are temporary and underestimate the importance of them. It is remarkable that the damage on primary teeth will lead to bigger damages on the permanent dentition.

Children’s Oral Hygiene:

  • When your baby is 6-8 months young, you should start cleaning his/her teeth by a sterile clothing material gently.
  • Brushing must start at the ages of 2.5 – 3.
  • It is really hard to maket he children brush their teeth with a special technique before school. It is important to get them used to practice.
  • Children usually brush the visible and reachable surfaces of their teeth. However, interdental surfaces must be cleaned carefully. This is why brushing must be done under the parents’ watch.
  • The brush must be suitable for the child’s age and mouth. 3 minute cleaning is adequate after the breakfast and before going to bed.
  • Brushing habit would be acquired during the childhood like every other good habit.

First Meeting With the Dentist

The first meeting is really important because it will effect the future behaviours of the children during dentist visits. The right time to meet a dentist is right after the eruption of first teeth.
Play a dentist game with your child before you go to the dentist appointment. For instance, you play the patient role, he/she plays the dentist role. Let your child brush your teeth.
Explain your child that the dentist just wants to examine the mouth.

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