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Symptoms & Diagnoses

Why Do My Gum Bleeds While Brushing My Teeth?

Bleeding while brushing teeth is an important indicator of gum disease. Enflamed gum looks bright red, swollen and bleeds easily. This situation may occur during the day with blood acumulation in the mouth, during the night blood on the pillow. If the required treatment is not applied on time, gum disease will lead to mobility of the tooth, moreover tooth lose.

Will I Lose My Teeth Without Decay?

People think tooth decay is the only reason of tooth lose. In contrast, gum disease(periodontitis) causes tooth lose as well. Periodontitis is the disase of the periodontal tissues which covers the tooth. It doesn’t affect only one tooth like deacy, it affects many of them. With regular controls and treatments, periodontitis can be treated and tooth lose can be prevented.

No Bleeding In My Mouth. Am I Healthy?

No bleeding doesn’t always mean that you are healthy. Especially smokers may not have bleeding. Some individuals may not have bleeding even if they have periodontitis.

I Just Want to Have a Crown/Filling. I Don’t Have Any Other Problems. Should I Have A Periodontal Examination?

Gum diseases don’t cause pain. It progresses quitely and fast. As stated above, bleeding is not a certain indicator. You must have a periodontal examination before starting any other treatment. Because any restoration over unhealthy gum and bone will have a short life span. Fillings, crowns or bridges over unhealthy gums will contribute to periodontal disease and periodontitis will keep progressing faster. That will cause tooth mobility, gum recession or maybe lose of tooth. As a result, patient will not be able to have any benefits from the restorations.

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