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The main objective of bleaching is whitening the teeth and eliminating the unwanted colours. It is a widely used treatment and safe procedure. Whereas bleaching is done by the dentist at the dental Office, it can be done by the patient at home. Office bleaching gets the best and fastest results.

Office Bleaching

It is done by the dentist at the dental Office. During the procedure, your gum is covered by a protective agent , then the bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. Bleaching is stimulated by a special light source and the process begins.

Ofis Tipi Diş Beyazlatma (Office Bleaching)

Diş hekimi tarafından klinikte uygulanan bir işlemdir. işlem sırasında öncelikle dişetleriniz özel bir koruyucu madde ile korunur, ardından dişlerinize beyazlatma jeli
sürülür. Uygulanan özel bir ışın ile sürülen jelin aktive olması ve beyazlatma işlemini hızlandırması saglanır.

Home Bleaching

Firstly, a translusent cast is prepared which covers all of the teeth in patient’s mouth by a dental impression. Patient applies the whitening gel by this cast which is given by the dentist. Whitening gel must be applied regularly everyday for 5-8 hours.

Important Points While Bleaching:

  • Protecting The Gum:Whitening gel may irritate the gum. If the gel reaches the gum while home bleaching, the residue must be cleaned by a wet cotton roll.
  • Adjusting the Application Period:Ev tipi beyazlatmada hekimin tavsiye ettiği sürede ve düzenli uygulama yapılması gerekir.Aksi halde istenilen sonuç alınmayabilir.
  • Sıcak-soğuk hassasiyeti:Patient must follow the dentist’s instructions. Otherwise the expected results may not be obtained.
  • Sensitivity to Cold or Hot:After bleaching “cold-hot sensitivity” may occur rarely. But it disappears after 1-3 days. Bleaching does not cause any harm on enamel layer.
  • Continuity:Bleaching is a permanent solution as long as continuity is obtained. But too much smoking, drinking coffee and tea may cause unwanted coloring. Usually the patient who had bleaching treatment is appointed every 6 months for recalls. Bleaching should be re-applied every 12 months in order to intensify and sustain the effects.

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